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Summer Camp for Blind Children

Angelique has been blind since birth. Have you ever wondered what it’s like for people like Angelique who cannot see?   Learning to walk, read, or even to play presents exceptional challenges.

Through community-based rehabilitation and educational support from the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired, children across Belize who are blind or visually-impaired have access to support through training, equipment and services to help them live more independent lives. These are all provided free of cost to the children and families.

Since 2002 the BCVI Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity, has been supporting the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired and, by doing so, has provided assistance to blind and visually-impaired children.

With your help, more than 50 children and their families will be able to take part in an Educational Summer Camp where the children will be prepared for their upcoming school year, reach their next milestones, and socialize and play with their peers.

Help these children live more independent lives by supporting this cause.