Increasing Computer Literacy

pic10BCVI is always searching for new & interactive ways to help encourage younger clients to learn and become more fully integrated into society.

Our Computer Literacy Programme is utilising computer software that includes a screen-reading programme called “JAWS”. This software allows the user to type word-processing documents, send emails and even surf the Internet by reading the text on the screen to the user.

An expansion of this Programme is being funded by the Basic Needs Trust Fund in Belize who has provided a grant for training & purchase of computers for our field offices. The United States Peace Corps is also assisting us by providing staff members for the project, and Sight Savers International in the United Kingdom donated reconditioned computers. These will be given to our clients attending high school for use at home and will include the JAWS software. The computer software will also be installed in our field offices, for use by our clients.

For people who are visually impaired and those who are totally blind, our Computer Literacy Programme will open up a whole new world of exploring, interacting and learning.