Our Work


BCVI’s Comprehensive Eye Care Programme targets all aspects of visual impairment & blindness, from correcting refractive errors to integrating children who are blind into the school system.

Through the Primary Eye Care System, patients are seen by the optometrist and are given prescription glasses, if necessary. Should the doctor find a deeper problem, the patient is then referred to the Secondary Eye Care System and sent to the National Eye Clinic (NEC), where the ophthalmologist examines him or her. At the NEC, the patient can receive the appropriate medication as well as surgery, if necessary.

Not all eye problems can be treated; therefore our services go beyond the doctor’s office and into the clients’ classrooms and/or homes, through our Education & Rehabilitation Programmes.

The Education Programme prepares the child for classes by providing material for school as well as emotional support. This department at BCVI goes hand-in-hand with the Rehabilitation Programme in which trained staff members work with the clients in their daily environments to help get them accustomed to their surroundings in order to live more independently. This programme also involves the family members & friends who are trained in dealing with the client’s situation.

Along with working in their homes, we also assist our clients in seeking employment through our Job Placement & Employment Support Programme. We also offer extracurricular activities for our older clients, the Visually Impaired Club.

Whether a person is born blind or develops vision loss later in life, whether they are visually impaired or blind, we cater to all our clients’ needs and we work to ensure that no one is left without an option or an opportunity